Well, if you did not know about my FAWM participation this year you do now. I have posted the results in the Foundry. A big thanks to Sarah, and our little daughter Phoebe for letting me have a month to make some sounds. Another big thanks to my dapplethroat music making buddies and all of the great creatives living on FAWM. Keep rollin’ FAWMers! I will also have other content appearing soon. So keep your eyes peeled and you will get some more tunes and wordiness.

Thanks again for visiting and I will see you in my dreams and keep you in my thoughts.



FAWM 2010 changes

FAWM 2010 is almost upon us. If you love to play music and write songs, or have always wanted to try, get on in.
I have the site linked out on the link bar. I will be listed under the name of Fifth Key Holder. A change from the previous moniker of Sacraficialglam. This a fantastic exercise. give it a shot. Worth all the time and effort. If you don’t believe me just look at the number of people throwing their hat in. Why not yours as well?

quick notes:
FAWM stands for February Album Writing Month
It offers: A chance to write songs in a very friendly supportive environment.
A chance to make friends via music around the world.
Something to do in the quagmire month known as February.
Go here … do it!
Personal note…it is really a life changing exercise.

It has been ages since I last updated the blog. Seems my best laid plans have been changing. Why? Well, what an amazing year 2009 really has been.

Let’s review.

1. Rebuilt my studio from the ground up. This delayed song creation by quite a lot. Decided to push back the album. Which has been good. Reason 2 can explain why.

2. Took the entire year to work on music theory. I did a self teaching technique, and learned a vast amount I was missing in music. I am still learning and that is good. I learned some more about myself as well. I also made some new friends along the way and found some old ones. And reason 3…

3. Last, but definitely the best, I became a father. Sarah and I had our first child. Wonderful Phoebe was born on September 13th, 2009. She has changed my life entirely. This is a good thing. But music time definitely shrunk for a while. But the reason is good. See:

Pa and the Girl

So things are again ready. I have amassed quite a bit that is influencing my art. A new child. A new setup. It is safe to say that being in port has been good for me in a metaphorical sense. So expect the following over the next week or so. All 7 of the songs I did for FAWM 2009. Musical archives. The tunes for the album, which is still being made, and finally some long overdue articles on what influences me as an artist and a person. Did I also mention FAWM 2010 this February? Yes a section will be up for that before you know it.

One last note, I received a very nice email from a chap named Kevin. Seems he likes the music. I am touched and will respond here to his query of “Any more in the future?” Yes. Since he wishes to remain anonymous, I will do so. But thanks for the note. It really is nice to know someone likes what I play.  Hopefully you will get a chance to see me play live. But one step at a time. Let’s see if I can get some updates out in the ether for you.

Until then, I need to check the ropes on the mast, and slowly chart course for the new seas I seek.

Much love,

Whitenoisemaker :^)

Please place comments if you have any. I really want hear what you have to say.

Edit #1 – FAWM 2009 Section now posted!

FAWM has started. click on the FAWM link to get in or go to http://www.fawm.org. I want to hear you rock. I also wanted to post a correction that my name is Sacraficialglam in FAWM, not whitenoisemaker. Sorry if this caused any confusion.

So far I have not posted a song yet due to some minor technical issues. once those are done, hold on!

But you better get in too. Go now and rock forever more!

What in fawmnation?

2009 has arrived and I have not updated the site in quite a long time. So what have I been doing?

2008/09 Album project is moving along nicely. I have several pieces in the can, and a few others lingering that should be ready soon. I will post previews when I can. The holidays were much busier than expected so I apologize if any of you are hanging on for more goodies. I promise soon. I also make this resolution: Two updates a month. This way I will be forced to give some status as to what is going on. I would also like to take the time to let you know FAWM starts soon and again I will be participating.

What is FAWM? FAWM stands for February Album Writing Month. I think it is the best in music web challenges out there. It also has a very supportive and nurturing community. If you make music or always wanted to, you owe it to yourself to sign up and give it a whirl. The goal is 14 songs in 28 days. Heck, even if all you get are a couple tunes, that is two more songs that you finished than the month before. Check out the link and I believe you will be quite happy. You can even look me up on the pages under Whitenoisemaker. I would love to hear what you bring to the table.

I hope to see you on the internet.

Matt :^)

Some links are good. We have added some content. you’ll notice some links are dead. They will have content soon.

Announcement #1- Song of the month is canceled. But notice we have a new page…

Announcement #2- New page! Album project! Yes I will be posting a new album. I have a semblance of an idea really taking me by storm. I am going to ride the wave until it beaches me. Read it to learn more. Mostly prattle on the project. Demos to follow.

Look forward to your comments and thoughts. Again as always, I use a creative commons license so be gentle with the tunes. I noticed too that I need to repost the license, so please click on the links in the HTML gobbleygook on the Music foundry page if you are not familiar with it.

Quick Theme Change

Did not like the first theme, so I had to change it. I also added some links, and some still blank pages have been added. I will let you know more as it arrives.


Welcome all 14 of you who may have visited my old home on google pages. over the next month it will all land here and we will sadly close the gpages page. It served us well. But that was the past! Now to the new future. Over the next few weeks we will move the current tunes I have posted, and add some from the archive.

We will have all the favorites, Music from die-cast Metal studios, words and opinions, and links to all the other sites I share a bond with.  One change will be the sad but happy choice of my wife to start her own site. She will not be tagging with me on this one. which is for the better. She now has the freedom to make her own site in her own muse. We will of course link it once she has it made

In case your curious…the picture above is from my trip photos to my friends wedding in Florida. I thought it would be nice to have that limitless Horizon to start the new days of New Elramebla

Enjoy, and thanks for your patronage.

Matt :^)